Upsala Ekeby pitcher

Upsala Ekeby pitcher

Product no.: 5006




Upsala Ekeby pitcher by Göran Andersson (GA). Marken on the bottom : UE, Sweden, 8064 or 9064, GA. Original UE sticker on the side.

Additional product information

Designer Göran Andersson
Pattern pitcher, carafe
Manufacturer UE, Upsala Ekeby
Production years in the 1960s
Condition rating
  • 2) LÄHELLÄ VIRHEETÖNTÄ KUNTOA, lähes käyttämätön, muutamia pieniä naarmuja / NEAR MINT CONDITION, lightly used, a few small surface scratches would be acceptable.
Height 220 mm
Diameter 85 mm (base)
Weight 564 g
Country of origin Sweden
Material red clay
Color / decoration style brown / modern style
Volume 80 cl
Manufacturer stamp / marked Download

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