Rörstrand ENTRE bowl with handle 13.5 cm , designed by Carl-Harry Stålhane

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Beautiful ENTRE ceramic bowl with handle, designed by Carl-Harry Stålhane Produced only in the 1957-60 because this pattern was so expensive to produce.

Additional product information

Designer Carl-Harry Stålhane ( Stalhane )
Pattern Entré, bowl
Manufacturer Rörstrand / Sweden
Design year in the 1950`s
Production years 1957-60
Condition rating
  • 2) LÄHELLÄ VIRHEETÖNTÄ KUNTOA, lähes käyttämätön, muutamia pieniä naarmuja / NEAR MINT CONDITION, lightly used, a few small surface scratches would be acceptable.
Height 55 mm
Diameter 135 mm
Weight 426 g
Country of origin Ruotsi / Sweden
Material stoneware
Volume 50 cl

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