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Vintage rattan serving tray with glass top

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Mid century modern style rattan serving tray with handle and frosted glass top.

Additional product information

Pattern rattan tray with handle
Production years in the 1950-60s
Condition rating
  • 3) TUOTETTA ON KÄYTETTY (arkikäyttö). Muutamat syvät pintanaarmut on hyväksyttäviä, ei ole siruja pois, eikä halkeamia (lasi- keramiikkatuotteet) / ITEM HAS SEEN AVERAGE USE (everyday use). Some deep surface scratches are acceptable, no chips or cracks (glassware and ceramic ware).
Length 270 mm
Width 210 mm
Height 155 mm
Weight 467 g
Material rattan, frosted glass
Color / decoration style patinated natural rattan

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2 - 2 of 15 results