Arabia stencil decorations coffee cup and saucer

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Arabia stencil decoration coffee cup and saucer.  All stencil decoration pattern coffee cups / saucers have been so called everyday cups at Finnish homes and usually their manufacturing quality is a little rough.

Additional product information

Designer Greta-Lisa Jäderholm-Snellman (model)
Pattern coffee cup and saucer, model EP, stencil decoration
Manufacturer Arabia / Finland
Design year 1933 (model)
Condition rating
  • 3) TUOTETTA ON KÄYTETTY (arkikäyttö). Muutamat syvät pintanaarmut on hyväksyttäviä, ei ole siruja pois, eikä halkeamia (lasi- keramiikkatuotteet) / ITEM HAS SEEN AVERAGE USE (everyday use). Some deep surface scratches are acceptable, no chips or cracks (glassware and ceramic ware).
Height 53 mm (cup), 22 mm (saucer)
Diameter 80 mm (cup), 135 mm (saucer)
Weight 244 g
Country of origin Suomi / Finland
Material hard earthenware
Color / decoration style blue, white / retro, stencil decorations
Volume 15 cl
Manufacturer stamp / marked Download


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Arabia KIILA coffee cup and saucer Arabia KIILA coffee cup and saucer
18.00 €
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