Sarvis KATRILLI pitcher by Tauno Tarna

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Sarvis KATRILLI pattern plastic pitcer by Tauno Tarna. Marked: SARVIS, Made in Finland, 570

Additional product information

Designer Tauno Tarna
Pattern KATRILLI, pitcher, jug, 570
Manufacturer Sarvis / Finland
Design year 1969
Production years 1969-1985
Condition rating
  • 3) TUOTETTA ON KÄYTETTY (arkikäyttö). Muutamat syvät pintanaarmut on hyväksyttäviä, ei ole siruja pois, eikä halkeamia (lasi- keramiikkatuotteet) / ITEM HAS SEEN AVERAGE USE (everyday use). Some deep surface scratches are acceptable, no chips or cracks (glassware and ceramic ware).
Height 180 mm
Diameter 120 mm
Weight 208 g
Country of origin Suomi / Finland
Material plastic
Color / decoration style red, white
Volume 1,65 Ltr
Manufacturer stamp / marked Download

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