Modernist Sten & Laine sterling rock crystal ring

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Modernist Sten & Laine sterling rock crystal ring. The ring is from Karl Laine and Hans Sten who opened a workshop called Sten & Laine in Turku, Finland in 1969. This evolved into Finnfeelings. They collaborated until 1982, when Hans Sten continued working in Turku under the name "Sten Ky", and Karl Laine became one of Finland's most influential modernist silversmiths of the 1970's and early 80's. marked: maker stamp (Sten & Laine), content stamp (C8=1980),FINLAND

Additional product information

Designer Karl Laine
Manufacturer Sten & Laine / Turku
Design year year stamp C8 = 1980
Condition rating
  • 3) TUOTETTA ON KÄYTETTY (arkikäyttö). Muutamat syvät pintanaarmut on hyväksyttäviä, ei ole siruja pois, eikä halkeamia (lasi- keramiikkatuotteet) / ITEM HAS SEEN AVERAGE USE (everyday use). Some deep surface scratches are acceptable, no chips or cracks (glassware and ceramic ware).
Diameter 16 mm, size can be changed

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