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arabia paratiisi soup plate  20€X 5

arabia paratiisi plate 21 cm 18€X 4

arabia paratiisi plate 26 cm 22€X 8

arabia pitcher 0,5 Ltr 48€X 2

arabia paratiisi jar with lid_ the small one 45€X 1

arabia paratiisi 24cm bowl 40€X 1

arabia paratiisi oval platter 90€X 1
— total 619€


Antti Nurmesniemi cast iron stew, Högfors 100€X 1

KASTEHELMI brown dessert cup 15€X 2

ULTIMA THULE plate 15 cm 9€X 1 ( another one piece i have paid online. totally 2 piece)
— total 97.3€

I am not sure about the Pinetta item price, I just add 2 euro as you said.

Kuksa with single handle  18€X  6+2

Kuksa with two holes handle 18€X 6

Otso's hug 18€X 20

Alder spoon 5.5€X 13

alder wooden tray of size M30€ X 5 

3 sizes alder wooden tray, (L34€+M30€ +S27€)X6 sets

bread baskets set 12€ X 11 sets

new model berry basket  20€X 6

traditional berry basket  17€X 6

shopping basket 27€X 13

envelope basket 17€X 11


storage basket sets 45€X 4+2

— total 2415.5€ +126

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